Who We Are

Who We Are

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April 162000

Short History

Holistic Foundation Pandalam was established on 16 Aug 2000 at the residence of Dr. Rajan George. The foundation was started with 19 members. The foundation was inaugurated by the High Court Judge Mr. M Ramachandran on 2000 August 20. Sri K.K. Nair, MLA, Pathanamthitta inaugurated Family welfare programme by providing Rs 250 as monthly pension. The office inauguration was held on october 2nd 2000 by Elath Sri KK Swaminathan.

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The foundation was started with 19 members.The first board members (2000-2001) were,
* Dr Rajan George (Founder & Patron)
* Adv. Sasi Kumar (President)
* A.M Shaji (Vice President)
* P.K. Baby Kutti (General Secretary)
* John Thundil (Treasurer)
* Smt. Leela George
* Dr. T.G. Varghese
* George Varghese
* K.R. Sasidharan Nair
* P. Gopalan Nair
* K.J Varghese
* K.M Jaleel
* Adv. Anil P Varghese
* Peter Thayyil
* T.R Gopala Krishnan Nair
* Mathew Varghese
* Varghese Daniel

About Us

Around 500 members are working for the foundation now. The Members who donated above 1 lakh rupees are included in HHF(Holistic Honorable Fellow) and those who donated Rs 11000 with lifetime membership are included in Holistic Fellow(HF) respectively. Currently 16 HHF ,91 HF and lot of ordinary members are there.

The Vision of this foundation is providing shelters and care for orphan girls and old age mothers. Old Age home was started on 23rd April 2006 and Charity home for girls was started on 1st may 2008.


* Build an old age home for the charity of old people

* Providing home nurse service for Unhelathy people

* Yoga Research & Training Center for the complete health and wellness, Family welfare Programmes, Education support programmes

Milestones in the History of Holistic Foundation


16 April 2000 - Holistic Foundation Pandalam was established by 19 members, at the residence of Dr. Rajan George
8 August 2000 - Inaugurated the foundation by High court judge Sri. Ramachandran
2 October 2000 - Sri Elath KK Swaminathan inaugurated the office
12 November 2000 - Cultural forum was inaugurated by Sri Kadamanitta Ramakrishnan
31 January 2001 - Inaugurated the holistic yoga training course
20 May 2001 - Poozhikkad Venmani Vadakethil Sri Daniel gifted 10 cent land and the rest 23 and half cent land bought for the foundation.
7 June 2002 -Foundation Stone laid by Dr Rajan George
9 December 2003 - Shifted to new office (completed partially)
25 July 2004 - A news about the plan to start cultural forum was published in Manorama daily.


23 April 2006 - Old age home started
1 May 2008 - Charity home for girls started (inaugurated by Dr Saramma Varghese, principal of Catholicate college,pathanamthitta)
26 December 2010 - 10th anniversary was conducted at St stephnas Malankara Catholicate church hall


26 August 2011 - Orphanage day and Mother Theresa's birthday was conducted
20 May 2012 - A trip to trivandrum was conducted
26 October 2012 - Homeo medical camp conducted
10 November 2012 - Homeo medical camp conducted
2 December 2012 - An ayurvedha medical camp conducted
2014 - The second phase of foundation started using 8 lakh fund.
30 August 2014- - The book named "parasparam" written by foundation patron,was published by District collector Sri Harikishore


10 April 2016 - The inaugural ceremony of 1st floor of the centre was conducted. Inagurated by Dr Alexandra Jacob (Rtd DGP)
10 September 2016- - Marriage of one of the member Sri Binyamol P R was conducted.
28 January 2017 - The 84th birthday of Kerala congress party leader Sri K.M mani was conducted
16 October 2017 - The founder patron Dr Rajan George was passed away.
17 January 2018- Marriage ceremony of Sangheetha was conducted